Why Ride

Through recreational riding, educational and social engagement, our objective is to offer a respite for children and families and to provide an experience that builds self confidence, self esteem and self reliance; where a sense of can do carries the day.

Our goal for each child in our “Hope on Horseback” programs is that they embrace life: physically, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually. Connection and equality is found on the back of a horse. The horses’ legs replace those of children who cannot walk; the horses’ mind becomes the driving force behind those who have pervasive developmental delays; and the horse becomes a friend to those who struggle emotionally. Because of their time in the saddle, rider’s self-esteem grows; they feel a sense of acceptance, love, belonging, achievement, respect and confidence. They also have a sport to call their own and their identity is no longer bracketed by their condition. They become victorious.


Horseback riding is considered an excellent form of non-traditional therapy by the medical community. Because the horse rhythmically and naturally moves the body in a manner similar to the human gait, riding is soothing to tight and spastic muscles; builds core body strength; tones, stretches and strengthens muscles; improves balance, posture, reflexes, fine and gross motor skills, and eye-hand coordination.

Enormous emotional benefits are also found on the back of a horse. The joy that riding brings to the children is boundless. The children communicate with the horses (and vice versa) on a level that we cannot fully articulate, but it is on a level that brings a feeling of trust, warmth, love and honesty that simply cannot be duplicated between humans.