Dogs love children. And children love dogs.

We launched Storybook Tails in 2020 to celebrate the beautiful way dogs connect with children. Their natural devotion and innate desire to bond helps a child express emotion and experience unconditional love. We take it one paw print further. With canines by their side, kids delve into science experiments, read a favorite book aloud, and navigate agility obstacles.

Advantages of our Storybook Tails Program:


Our eager entertainers always please as they romp around the Fox and the Hound Playground, our very own doggie oasis. Roaming around the great outdoors hones gross motor skills and improves joint movement and cardiovascular health – all with a frolicsome friend to provide continual encouragement and reduce self-consciousness.


Sometimes, it’s easier for kids to relate to animals than to people. The enhanced bonding experienced with a canine increases trust and feelings of security.

Emotional Stability

Children learn that to have fun with their hard-working heart-menders, they are a team and must be calm, gentle, and patient.

To discuss programming options for your child or children, please contact Sara Medley at