Horses are one of the few animals that want a connection with us just as much as we want one with them.

Horse Sense teaches children how to be safe around horses, groom, tack, and communicate.

Horses think differently than we do and communicate differently than we do. When children understand and learn this, they connect on a deeper level. They learn to soak up every bit of information a horse is giving them. Recognizing the nuances of equine behavior kids become empathic, build confidence, and gain life skills.

Advantages of our Horse Sense Program:


Horses help kids learn healthy habits like keeping a schedule and exercising. Even the daily process of grooming functions as accountability.


If you’ve ever heard the saying “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink” you know what I’m talking about! In this world of instant gratification, horses teach children that patience and careful planning are the best ways to reach goals.


Horses teach children respect and kindness. In turn, horses reciprocate that trust and communicate love and affection.


Their horse may whinny or nicker at the sight of them, and with that connection, children begin to understand how their friendship has a meaningful and positive effect on the horse.

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