Horses empower confidence, promote healing, and provide a welcomed breather from life’s stressors.

Advantages of our Hope on Horseback Program:

Deep Connections

Bonding with a horse helps kids open up emotionally, learn patience, and understand the importance of trust.

Physical Rehabilitation

The rhythmic movement of a horse’s gait is similar to a person’s walk. This motion tones tone and builds muscle groups, engages balance and core, and improves coordination and motor skills. For example, reaching out to drop a ring down a post works to increase balance and strength. Placing clothespins in their horse’s mane concentrates on fine motor skills. Riding backward provides increased vestibular input and completes a multi-step process to promote increased focus.

Sense of Empowerment

Giving a child the opportunity to take the reins (literally) can help provide a sense of control, reduce anxiety, and provide the opportunity to overcome fear and apprehension.

Change of Scenery

The vantage point from the back of a horse is unlike any other. Fresh air and wide-open spaces are rejuvenating. Kids can tune out everything else and live in the moment.

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