For more than 100 years, educators have embraced experiential learning to teach children to both love and understand nature.

Harold W. Fairbanks once said, “How much more children would make of their surroundings, and how much more these surroundings would heighten their interest and zest in life if they were able to appreciate them in even a very simple way.”

On the Flat Stanley Discovery Trail, children observe, listen, explore, appreciate, and most of all, enjoy the wonders of the natural world – all of which lead to a lasting affection and sense of environmental stewardship.

Advantages of our Discovery Trail Program:


Children encounter nature’s crazy quilt of textures, smells, and terrain chock full of a hodgepodge of treasures like sticks, leaves, stones, and plants that encourage play and exploration.

Defuse Stress

Studies show nature-based discovery has an intrinsic effect on emotional and cognitive functioning. Just like adults, children are less stressed when they have green spaces to retreat to.

Sense of Adventure

A little magic can turn the ordinary into a lasting memory. Our theme-based lesson plans create a sense of purpose and drive dynamic interactions.

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