Community Leadership, Networking & Volunteerism at Storybook Farm

Storybook Farm’s Jr. Council is comprised of a group of young professionals designed to support SBF’s mission to celebrate the God-given potential of every child and to make a lasting impact on those facing arduous life circumstances. 


  • Develop a group of young professionals who will serve as advocates for Storybook Farm 
  • Give young professionals looking for engagement the opportunity to become civically involved in their own community
  • Help young professionals create a network of other like-minded professionals
  • Provide capacity to Storybook Farm through volunteer activities
  • Engage in SBF fundraising activites 
  • Engage with Storybook Farm’s leadership team and Board of Directors


  • The Junior Council will attend two key annual events organized and executed by the Junior Council. (Fundraising event, volunteer event, etc.)
  • All Junior Council members must attend one additional volunteer event in addition to the flagship volunteer event hosted by the Junior Council each year.
  • Each Junior Council member is responsible for contributing (via fundraising or personal contribution) $100 per year.
  • All Junior Council Members should have a full commitment to attending monthly meetings and participating in designated Storybook Farm events.

Membership Application

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