You are an important character in our story.

There will always be a childhood that needs changing and this is your invitation to be that catalyst of change. When you join as a “Cast of Character,” your monthly gift is sustainable, predictable revenue that advances our mission and ensures families never pay a cent to participate. 

Cast of Characters is a group of like-minded, passionate people who believe childhoods are worth fighting for.

Your Monthly Gift Can:

  • Ensure we have enough books to give to each child
  • Provide food and medicine for the animals
  • Ensure programming is always 100% free to families

No Amount is Too Small!

Start with $25 a month and see the impact your money is having at Storybook Farm.  

As a character, here’s what you can expect: 

  • Quarterly progress updates
  • Exclusive welcome package
  • Annual Cast of Characters celebration on the grounds of Storybook Farm
  • Special perks and more!