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16.2 hands tall, 19 years old Paint, Storybook member since 2014

Novel: Peter Pan by J.M. Barrie

After a sordid career aboard the Jolly Roger with Captain Hook, I left scalawag-ing behind. I run a tight ship at Storybook helping my riders grow stronger, achieve milestones and conquer their fears. Wendy, Tiger Lily, Tinker Bell, Tootles and Nibs recently joined me, and Peter Pan should be here soon!


15.2 hands tall, 21 years old Solid Paint, Storybook Farm member since 2012

I am a horse of few words. I believe small gestures go a long way in helping kids deal with hard circumstances. I hope my little riders experience the gentle kindness that only a horse can give. If you’re ever in Maycomb, please say hello to Jem, Scout and Atticus.


15.2 hands tall, 18 years old, Bay Quarter Horse, Storybook Farm member since 2007

Novel: The Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling

Curiosity, self-discovery and adventure live in the jungle. Just as I guided Mowgli, I now shepherd my riders towards independence, positivity, courage and a sense of wonder. I love to sing and dance and enjoy the “bear necessities of life” you see, and who better to teach these to Storybook kids than me!


13 hands tall, 21 year old Black Welsh Pony, Storybook Farm member since 2011

My favorite culinary delight is a warm apple mash topped with peppermints. You can find my cookbook in a bookstore near you and of course on Amazon. Though I love my time in the kitchen,
entertaining adorable kids is really my cup of tea!


13.2 hands tall, Bay Welsh Pony, Storybook Farm member since 2008

Robin Hood and the Merry Men inspired me to serve others. Storybook Farm allows me to be the hero in my kids’ stories. Though it was hard to leave my friends and my life in Sherwood Forest, I gain much satisfaction helping my riders forget their worries and enjoy being a carefree child!


10 hands tall, 22 year old Brown Shetland Pony, Storybook member since 2001

I am a fun loving pony! I have lived at Storybook longer than any other animal. For almost 18 years I have carried hundreds of kids upon my back. Some have taken their first steps after riding me and others have said their first words!


31 inches tall, 5 year old Paint Miniature Pony, Storybook Farm member since 2018, Novel: Peter Pan by J.M. Barrie

I am tiny and adorable. I am the perfect size for hugs and kisses. My favorite time of the day is just before daybreak. All the animals are moving about, readying for the day and anxious for the adventures to begin. You’ll find me in Pixie Hollow standing at the ready!


13 hands tall, year old Chestnut Welsh Pony, Storybook member since 2007

I love being around kids because they love unconditionally just like I do. I spent a few years in the show ring and was quite successful, but fame and fortune is an empty life. For me, the truly valuable moments happen in the embrace of a child. I am a lucky pony.


15.3 hands tall, 15 year old Chestnut Thoroughbred, Storybook Farm member since 2012

I am Storybook’s resident linguistic expert. Language and communication can be a tricky thing, but my skills help animals and humans understand and learn from one another.


17 hands tall, 15 years old Bay Oldenburg, Storybook Farm member since 2018

I am Storybook Farm’s crown jewel; tall, dark and handsome. I come to the rescue of those in distress and typically fall in love. Loving the children at Storybook is easy, but I also have the honor of helping them see themselves just as I do – beautiful, capable and loved.


12 hands tall, Black Welsh Pony, Storybook Farm member since 2014

I came to Storybook Farm for a fresh start. Now my reputation shines as bright as 24 carat gold. I use my magic for the right reasons weaving happiness and joy into the hearts of the kids at Storybook.


16 hands tall, 18 year old Chestnut Appendix (½ Quarter Horse, ½ Thoroughbred), Storybook Farm member since 2014

I am the charismatic host of Storybook Farm. I live in this enchanted Farm and welcome all kids to be our guest. I’ve always had a positive attitude, even when I was cursed to be a candlestick. This can do spirit makes my riders true champions!


10.2 hands tall, Paint Welsh Pony, Storybook Farm member since 2018

I accompanied Pinocchio on his adventures and taught him valuable life lessons. After he became a real boy, I ventured to Storybook to teach children about love and friendship. My level-headedness helps me calm the most anxious of children, and my fun-loving personality ensures everyone has a good time!

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