Our Horses


18 years old · 16.1 hands · Paint

SBF member since 2014. After a brief mutiny aboard the Jolly Roger, Mr. Smee decided to come be SBF’s first mate. Now full of love and happy thoughts, Mr. Smee helps to run a tight ship with Tinker Bell at Storybook Farm, while Peter Pan and the Lost Boys are safe and sound on the small island of Neverland.


23 years old · 12.2 hands · Welsh Cross Pony

SBF member since 2009. Mrs. Potts’ cheery disposition and lovely singing voice have brought a new song (“Tale as Old as Time”) to the barn at Storybook. Her penchant for tidiness, while worrisome to some like Huck Finn, keeps the Papa Bear Barn in fine working order.


17 years old · 13.2 hands · Bay Welsh Cross Pony

SBF member since 2007. Friar Tuck has a heart of gold and wants nothing more than to protect our riders and guide them in the right direction. A magna cum laude graduate from Robin Hood’s school of “clever fundraising techniques”, Tuck regularly contributes his expertise to SBF’s Development Team.


24 years old · 10 hands · Chocolate Brown Shetland Pony

SBF member since 2001. Despite his small stature, Tom Sawyer has a knack for finding giant adventures. Though Tom can be a little mischievous at times, his shenanigans usually turn out heroic, especially when he has his childhood friend, Huckleberry Finn, at his side.


17 years old · 13.2 hands · Chestnut Quarter Pony

SBF member since 2009. Corduroy enjoys the limelight in front of the camera always making certain his attire is up to snuff with every button in place. Thanks to the children at Storybook Farm, his heart is full of love and his neck is always ready for a tight hug.


18 years old · 15.3 hands · Chestnut Thoroughbred

SBF member since 2012. With all the different types of animals calling Storybook Farm home, we have run into some translation issues. Luckily for us, Dr. John Dolittle arrived just in time. He readily converses with amphibians, canines, felines and of course, equines. He is an invaluable addition to the SBF Linguistics Team.


17 years old · 17 hands · Bay Oldenburg

SBF Member since 2018. Tall, dark, and mysteriously handsome; it’s easy to see why this hunk of a horse has the name Prince Charming. Retired from the show jumping circuit in Florida, this chivalrous equine has all the ladies like, "heyyyyyy."


24 years old · 16.2 hands · Bay Quarter Horse

SBF member since 2011. Best known as Sherlock Holmes’ trusty sidekick, Dr. John Watson is clever, innovative and trustworthy. After a long career in London assisting Holmes in any and every venture, the Doctor has reunited the famous duo and joined SBF’s team of equine detectives. No case is too big or too small, but please do call ahead for an appointment.


23 years old · 12.2 hands · Welsh Pony

SBF member since 2013. Sadly Rumpel’s past made quite a name for him –one that everyone knows. Greed and dishonesty marked his character before, but now his moral fiber consists of love and generosity. He gives all the credit for his amazing turn around to his little riders at Storybook Farm.

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