Our Mission

Storybook Farm’s mission is to celebrate the God-given potential of every child and to make a lasting impact on those facing arduous life circumstances. With the help of gentle animals and kindhearted volunteers, Storybook is a place designed to facilitate growth, learning and the power to overcome.

The foundation of our programming has always been the horse. However, just as our community of participants has expanded so has the scope of our mission. Storybook now offers its participants the opportunity to take part in activities related to horticulture, nutrition, canine programming, and seasonal events that cater to the entire family unit. This multi-faceted approach to recreational therapy provides countless emotional and physical benefits, thus presenting our participants with opportunities to grow in all aspects of their lives.

Storybook Farm Programs

Secret Garden

An opportunity to investigate and learn

Storybook Farm, nonprofit for children, horseback therapy for children

Equine Therapy

Our horses meet every child at their point of need

Companion Animals

Our furry friends share unconditional love.

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