October 12 – December 31

Storybook Farm is focused on three key areas in 2020:

  • Planned Innovations

  • Unforeseen Expenses

  • Unexpected Opportunities

Our goal is to raise $175,000 in 80 days. By supporting Storybook Farm, you are having a direct impact on the lives of our participants. As a non-profit, we depend on the generosity of people like you.

Planned Innovations

  • Upgrade seating and install outdoor lighting in Fox and the Hound Dog Park
  • Incorporate activity stations along the Flat Stanley Sensory Trail
  • Support 50 additional children in 2020
  • Create designated programming areas within new Papa Bear Horse Center
  • Seed, aerate and fertilize horse turnout paddocks

Unforeseen Expenses

  • Potts emergency surgery medical bill
  • Replace essential farm equipment
  • Trailer for hay rides

Unexpected Opportunities

  • Expand paddock areas
  • Hire permanent farm manager
  • Acquire additional pony
  • Interactive technology to enhance existing programming capabilities

Our goal is to raise $175,000 in 80 days. We need your help.

Storybook Farm is a 501(c)3 organization, and your gift is tax-deductible.